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Farm Crops
Farm Crops
Acrylic on steel, wood; masonite, acrylic, magnets
72" x 28"

I have created smaller versions of the original nine murals of When Tillage Begins on steel panels (each panel is 6’H x 2½’W) in order to make them magnetic, and thus open to change. Accompanying each of these panels are a few hundred magnets, which I and participants created from found objects, masonite and paint. The initial focus of the magnets was to somehow suggest, embody, or declare the presence of these “lost fine arts” on campus, and to open a dialogue about how those arts are still relevant. I sent out an informal survey to several faculty members and students within the Architecture, Integrated Studio Arts, Theatre, Music, and English departments, and many of the magnets stemmed from their thoughts. My goal for these pieces is to celebrate and call attention to the fine arts on Iowa State’s campus, departments that are often shorted financially in a land grant institution. In addition, the magnets span a large spectrum of content, from references from the history of Iowa State, to images referring to contemporary events and issues on campus and in the greater Iowa community.