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Veterinary Medicine - Update
Veterinary Medicine - Update
Acrylic on steel, wood; masonite, acrylic, magnets
72" x 28", variable

There are several uncanny parallels between the climate of 1933 Iowa State and of 2012 Iowa State: both suffer greatly from financial turbulence, uncertainty of funding, a strong decrease of state support, and a general sense of unrest. Hughes took discouraging circumstances to build one of the largest collections of public art on any campus in the nation and introduced fine art courses into the general curriculum, citing the appreciation of beauty to be integral to the education of every Iowan. Ironically, those faculty and students in the departments contributing to the development of future artists, writers, performers, and musicians often find themselves stripped of institutional support with severe budget cuts, layoffs, and strong encouragement to increase class sizes for increased tuition dollars.