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Acrylic on wood panel
11.5" x 17.5"

This painting stems from an old photograph of Conservation Officer Gene "Bud" Bloudek on the left. Andy Place, park ranger at Pine Lake State Park, first pointed out this photo, which I later stumbled upon in a photo album at the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum in Eldora. The dedication of the album reads, "..What does Pine Lake do for us? She embraces our family and friends as we celebrate time together. Her majestic trees and soothing waters give us peace in a hectic world. She nurtures our bodies with scenic trails for exercise and inspiring views for rest. She gives us quiet paths and peaceful shores for reflection and prayer. She restores our minds, bodies, and souls. Pine Lake gives us so much. She is a special place and we love her dearly. Because of all she does for us, we dedicate this book to our beautiful friend, Pine Lake State Park."